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 We Will Get to the Bottom Of It

Our detectives at Scottsdale Private Investigators are experts on the inner workings and happenings of the valley. We put time and thought into listening to the concerns of our clients so we are able to approach each case the most strategic way possible.

When You Need Nothing But The Best

Cheating Mate/Infidelity Spouse

    • Highly Experienced Area
    • Advanced Covert Surveillance
    • Detailed Background Checks
    • Premarital Screening
    • Criminal/Civil Person Search
    • Address History


    • Professional Licence Search

    • Drivers Licence Search
    • Business Search
    • Corporate Filing Search
    • Bankruptcy Verification
    • Detailed Background Check
    • Criminal/Civil Person Search
    • Insurance Investigation



Reverse Phone Search
Advanced Phone Search


GPS Tra​cker

                    Business or Personal


People Search

Missing Persons
Locate Someone
​Detailed Background Checks
Criminal/Civil Person Search
Find Current Address/Address History


Asset Search

Vehicle Search
Property Search
Watercraft Search

Renters Assistance

Detailed Background Check
 Criminal/ Civil Person Search

Address History

 Eviction Search
  Bankruptcy Verification

Litigation Support

Scottsdale Private Investigators as legal investigators, we specialize in cases involving the courts and are employed by law firms or lawyers. We assist in preparing court cases by gathering and reviewing evidence, locating witnesses, and assemble exhibits and reports for trials.

What Makes Us Unique

Scottsdale Private Investigators is steeped in integrity and has a history of honesty, confidentiality, sensitivity to your needs and the utmost discretion. If you are like many who seek the truth and need someone to guide them in the right direction you will find us to be the private investigation agency for you.

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